Use These Secrets to Secure His Love and Make Him NEED You

Are you in the situation right now where you have found a great guy but you just want him to love you more?

Don’t worry, it’s actually really common, and it’s not even hard! You can make him love you more by adding and changing a few simple things in your life.

How is this even possible?

Yes, it’s true that men fall in love with women based on attraction and personality, however, there are little things that can increase a man’s attraction to a woman based on natural instincts of being human, as well as desires that we all have.

So here are the secrets!

Make him feel better about himself

If you’re someone that he loves to be around because you make him feel better about himself, whether it’s true genuine compliments, or ego boosts, he will love to be around you. And if he loves to be around you, then he’s slowly going to start loving you more.

If you don’t make him feel better about himself, whether you say nothing at all or if you are on the other end of the spectrum and you put him down, then he will not love you and may even dislike being around you. So be sure not to do this and avoid being on that level, because it can reduce what we’re trying to work on here.

One thing that you should NOT do under any circumstances is disrespecting him in one way or another. Sometimes it might not even be obvious to you, what you did that HE thinks was disrespecting towards him. It should be your aim to avoid those situations and be proactive by showing him your respect for him. This is a great review of the respect principle What Men Secretly Want. Be sure to read every line and get become irresistible, desireable to him so that he never wants to leave you.

Show that you need him, but remember it’s crucial that you don’t become a needy girl

Now, this is really important but if you do it wrong it will completely ruin everything you’re working towards.

You need to show your man that you need him. Men want to be the protectors of the women they love, whether it by their partner, or daughter. The point here is that you show him you need him in this fashion. He will then begin to feel special and important in your life, leading him to a sense of connection and attachment which is the basic building blocks of having a love connection with you.

Please remember not to go overboard with this. If you do, you will be known as a needy girlfriend or needy girl and that’s the last thing you want. Once that impression of you is made by your man, you will find it very difficult to get him to change his mind. So go for it and show it to him, but don’t go overboard, start small and see how it goes.

Don’t forget how important communication is and the fact that you need to be open and tell him what’s on your mind

You can’t be holding back in your relationship with your man if you want him to love you more. This is especially true when it comes to communication. You must be sure to be open and express your true feelings.

The reason this matters is because if he knows that you love him, he will be more likely to love you. It’s the same as when you look at the whole “who says I love you first” scenario. In most cases, one spouse will not say it until they feel that the other will reciprocate it and say it back as well.

Take initiative and surprise him occasionally

I really do think one of the biggest secrets to love and keeping a relationship strong in the long run is surprises. There really isn’t much else in the world that is more delightful than a pleasant surprise.

If you take charge every now and then and surprise him with something that he completely does not see coming, it can go a long way. Slowly but surely his love for you will increase and he will start seeing you in his life as a more exciting person and this attachment toward you will grow larger and larger.

Be around and don’t hide

The more you are around, the more used to you he is going to be, and so the more he will depend on you and be attached, once again leading to increasing his love for you.

Many women I find just feel that they have to play hard to get for a man to really love them. This is wrong. Yes, in the start playing hard to get can be helpful because it shows the man that you are a desirable prize, however once you have something happening with a man, and you’re just looking to increase his love for you, then you shouldn’t be doing this and playing games. Rather you should focus on being there for him and making his experiences the best possible when you are around.

Be attractive

Very general, but very important. You should try to become more and more attractive as the relationship goes on. This almost guarantees that he will love you more. And I don’t mean the stuff you can’t change, rather the stuff you can. Read below.

How can you do this?

Simply look after yourself, eat well, exercise regularly, and take care of yourself both inside and outside. If you are dressing really well, and have a nice haircut then you are already doing good. Be sure to have great hygiene, and find a fragrance that smells really good with your natural skin odor, because from that point onwards he can link that smell to you and it will cause him to love you more the more often he smells it.

As you can see from all these tips above, it’s definitely possible to make a man love you more. It isn’t easy though depending on what stage you are at with your man. If you guys are both at an early stage, then it will require some risks to be taken on your part. It’s definitely worth it though and you need to remember this because it could result in something that you will greatly appreciate in the long run in your life forever.

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